Summers Platter Box





Summers platter currently offers and delivers affordable breakfast menu options of quality and in good time. Orders are usually taken a day ahead of day delivery.

The goal of Summers Platter Box is to operate as a mobile factory which deals with the manufacture of various breakfast options to clients across; Nigeria, Africa, and Globally.

Target market at the present are white-collared individuals who do not have the luxury of breakfast, no thanks to the weekday Lagos lifestyle.



Smade & Smight

Mortgage and Financial Brokerage Services






Smade & Smight is a smart company that develops ideas into products and products into companies.

Smade & Smight owns 100% of its project, products and companies. As individual projects continues to progress and gain traction, the company will sell part of its investments for capital gains as a result of an increase in the valuation of the said products, projects or companies.

The company offers strong benefits to investors by offering the ability to indirectly own innovative projects, participate in the ideation and development of projects and opportunity to invest indirectly into multiple projects at the same time.

Rebel By Gracie

Walkers Company





The Company specializes in the design and production of unique and aesthetically pleasing leather wares that are of internationally comparable standards

Rebel by Gracie is a Nigerian leather ware company established in 2018, borne out of the founder’s desire to produce quality leather wares and tap into the rapidly growing Nigerian fashion market

The Company currently produces female handbags which comes in two variants; mini and midi. RG currently has in its pipeline, plans to add other variants of leather wares – wallets, belts, card holders amongst others to cater for the needs of its growing clientele


Financial Firm Marketing Agency






Bitmama started in 2017 as a P2P digital currency exchange. It quickly grew into a platform where individuals can trade and manage cryptocurrencies, and digital assets conveniently.

The company leverages on blockchain software infrastructure “Changera” that allows borderless, secure, safe and convenient transfer of money globally. Through its platform Bitmama reduces the associated cost of remittances, making transaction consummation real time and provides a safe payment gateway.

The company has developed strategic partnership with satoshipay, Celo, Bitgo, Vigipay amongst others to deliver seamless user experience.




Harde Business School

Legal Consultants and LPA Services





Harde University is a fast-growing company set out to help solve the bane of poor, rigid and substandard tertiary education in Africa. Through its platform, Harde provides borderless, high quality, flexible, virtual and interactive Higher Education contents leveraging on its proprietary technology.

Harde has developed robust Higher Education contents and proficiency/soft skills courses to help students, business executives and other learners to acquire internationally comparable education.

Through Harde’s E-learning platform, candidates will be able to earn duly accredited Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelors of Science (Bsc) and MBA certificates upon completion of their studies. In Addition, Harde also serves as an aggregator platform offering students the opportunity to learn and earn MBA degrees from any of its partner accredited tertiary institutions across Africa.


Better Connected for a Better Service.






PayDay is a Swift, Global payments App for Africans. The platform enables users send and receive money to anyone and anywhere in the world in seconds.

Having identified financial inclusion as a fundamental problem across the continent, Payday has developed a platform which has connected countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and more, not just with each other but with the rest of the world.

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