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We help our clients achieve their business, financial and investment objectives and formulate or facilitate the implementation of strategies that birth high growth potential and sustainable businesses.

Fixed Income Brokerage

Emergence Capital engages in trading of treasury bills, corporate bonds and government bonds to deliver superior returns to our clients and leverage on our knowledge of the market and macroeconomic conditions to offer high quality brokerage services to clients.

Proprietary Investment

Our team of experienced investment professionals identify and partner with entrepreneurs and startups in Nigeria and other emerging markets, who have a vision to create long term value across the productive sectors of the economy.

Financial Advisory

We provide idea formulation and project conceptualization, business strategy and business advisory services, deal structuring and project management and financial advisory services to small, medium and large sized corporate organizations.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer tailored training and strategy sessions to empower clients in navigating fundraising complexities, engaging investors effectively, and achieving long-term success in Africa dynamic business landscape.

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