Who We Are

Emergence Capital is a full-fledged financial services company focused on fixed income brokerage and business & financial advisory services.
We offer bespoke, superior, one-on-one financial advisory services to clients seeking investment planning and financial advisory services.


We help our clients achieve their business, financial and investment objectives and formulate or facilitate the implementation of strategies that birth high growth potential and sustainable businesses.

Proprietary Investment

We partner with and invest in founding teams and early-stage companies in Africa through different instruments and strategies that are most appropriate for our markets and enterprises. We are usually one of the first few cheques in.

Fixed Income Brokerage

We engage in trading of treasury bills, corporate bonds and government bonds to deliver superior returns to our clients.

Financial Advisory

We handhold companies and help them achieve their financial and business objectives by providing a wide range of solutions and structures that help companies navigate their challenges.

Our goal is to create better financial outcomes for the companies we work with.

Our Team

Our Portfolio